Vineyard and Winery

Our wines express a perfect combination of craft and technology in both grape-growing practices and wine-making techniques – essential for producing high-end wines.

Our raw material comes from 50 hectares of vineyards planted with the best grapes, carefully tended by our Agricultural Engineer.

Harvested grapes are carefully transported to the winery, where they are received under strict aseptic and sanitary controls to begin the process that will turn them into wine. With a total capacity of 116,000 liters, the winery is equipped with temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks and state-of-the-art technology at every production stage.

The cellar stores bottled wines from previous years and from the latest harvest while they age in French and American oak barrels until they are ready to bottle.

Under the careful attention of our Enologist at every stage of the process, our wines attain their outstanding aromas, flavors and colors, faithful to the varieties they are made from, and the pride and joy of all at Finca Don Carlos.